The raw material comes from ox, buffalo and sometimes deer horns.

It is important to note that these are taken from animals bred for the consumption of their meat and they are of unprotected species and not at risk of extinction.

The various origins of this material make it possible to obtain a wide range of colors and natural spots.

The tip of the horns of these animals is full while the remaining part is hollow. The tip is used for the production of frogs or is cut into blanks for subsequent transformation into buttons. The hollow part is cut for its length and flattened by a steam pressure process. The blanks are cut from the slabs obtained.

The horn buttons have excellent resistance to treatments and washes. For this reason they can be applied in the packaging of luxury clothes with classic shapes and also in sporty clothing.

The main feature of this 100% natural material is the lighter or darker spots that make each button unique. The color tones of the horn vary from blond to black.

The horn in contact with a heat source tends to a light brown: this particular characteristic allows you to create various effects and contrast laser customizations.